Glorious and stylish model cars from Candylab, made from solid beechwood!

We stock a lot of beautiful model cars here at The Lovely Little Toy Shop, but if ever there was an excuse to make toys that are as much for the parents as they are for the children, these Candylab vehicles are most definitely it – we just can’t stop looking at them!

Describing itself as a company founded by designers, engineers and parents, all of whom have a love of vintage automotive aesthetics, the Candylab models are distinguished by their deliberately oversized features – giving each and every car and vehicle a distinctive and hugely appealing look of its own.

As well as the gorgeous wood of the main body, the Candylab models have heavy metal bases and rubber tyres, giving every toy a deeply impressive quality feel. Finally, they are finished in some stunning liveries and paintjobs, so that you’ll simply want to collect them all!


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