By Picca Loulou

Dressed up and looking fab for the party, this is Fairy Felicity and isn’t she a picture?

She’s wearing a sparkly gold star in her hair, a gorgeous ruffled skirt and her wings have been lined with threads of gold – she is exactly how you would imagine a fairy to look.

She’s never happier than when she’s with her two best friends Mathilda and Celeste (available separately), and they’re looking forward to bringing a sprinkling of magic to a new friend’s world – will that be you?

Welcome to the enchanting and dreamy world of Picca Loulou. Who can resist these magical creatures, all of which come in a beautiful calm palette of colours? Let your child’s imagination run wild with these adorable characters’ night-time adventures at the Moon Party. The Rabbit, Fox and Elephant will be there, but look; other friends are getting dressed up and are going too…

Suitable from: Birth

Size: H 35cm