Dottie Maie (formerly Sarah & Bendrix)

Dottie Maie shares the same ethos as me, in that we both believe children can be raised with a smaller selection of natural toys and items which will encourage their imagination, creativity and learning.

The company believes children could be raised without plastic toys, and that the simple and beautiful design of its wooden toys will stimulate the child’s senses and development. Its toys are handmade in the heart of Europe by traditional methods and hand-painted in a small factory which has been making toys since the 1950s. They are timeless items, with a modern twist as they are made of natural, untreated wood. Their sweet faces make happy additions to any playroom or children’s bedroom.

All of the company’s toys are made of solid and sustainably sourced beech wood, in line with EU standards and CE marked. Beech wood is a very heavy, hard solid wood. It withstands shocks and wears very well. It’s a warm pale wood, elegant and soft. All the toys are left untreated without varnish or paint. The paint Sarah & Bendrix uses on drums and small parts is non-toxic and safe for small children.

Sarah & Bendrix believes its toys have the magical combination of classic, modern and sweet to be liked by small kids and their parents equally. I totally agree with that sentiment and I just adore these products.


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