Emmanuel Nouveau started from a childhood dream: to be a racing driver…

I am so excited and proud to have these absolutely stunning cars in my shop – they just look timeless and are so nostalgic. Who doesn’t smile when they see one of these? I only wish I had one as a child for if I did, I know it would have been a toy that I would have truly treasured for life.

All I can say is…


Baghera is a French company founded in 1999 by Emmanuel Nouveau, who had a dream as a little boy to be a racing driver. However, he didn’t manage to compete on track but he did the next best thing – allowed other children to live out their racing-driver fantasies on the beautiful ride-on cars he designs. A family-run firm, Baghera designs various carriers, small metal cars and wooden toys to the delight of toddlers – making them high-quality items that will last for generations.

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