Gas Pump

Gas Pump


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By Baghera

All tiny hands to the pump, it’s time to refuel at this beautiful vintage gas pump before venturing off on your next motoring adventure.

The authentic gas station is faithful to the old gas pumps and has lots of realistic features, just unhook the hose, put the nozzle to the car and turn the crank handle to fill up – this even makes a ‘ding’ noise as you turn it, how fantastic is that?

It’s made from metal and the size makes it a very sturdy accessory. The bright red colour only adds to the attraction and appeal. When your child has finished playing with it, keep it as a quirky home decor – it is certainly worthy of such an honour and would be a lovely conversation piece with guests.

Suitable from: 12+ months

Size: H 85cm W 30cm L 25cm

Out of stock

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