By Boppi

The vibrant colours and sense of fun we all enjoy in spring, summer, autumn and winter is perfectly captured in the scenescape of this fabulous ‘Seasons’ jigsaw puzzle by Boppi!

These Boppi jigsaw puzzles are distinctive, beautiful – and ethical, too. Unlike most 2D jigsaws, which are square, this series of puzzles are all circular. With six specific design themes to collect, these Boppi jigsaws are exquisitely illustrated by Laura Watson.

The ethical element comes from the fact that each Boppi puzzle is made of pieces constructed from triple-layered, 100 per cent recycled cardboard, formed into durable, hard-backed shapes that will stand the test of time. Once assembled, these eye-catching, 150-piece puzzles measure 58cm and they also come in a lovely gift box, meaning they would make the perfect gift for a special occasion!

Suitable from: 5 years