By Fiona Walker England from her Jurassic Park collection

OMG, look at this dinosaur! It’s just beautiful and these muted colours really give it a modern twist and feel.

The Triceratops is one of the most easily recognisable dinosaurs due to its unique frill and three horns, and this has been captured beautifully by Fiona. Apparently it needed its three horns to try and protect itself from the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which lived during the same time period – no worries with that today, as the only other dinosaur walking the bedroom is a Diplodocus who is a herbivore!

Despite being 68 million years old, this dinosaur head would still look at home on the wall in any room – that could be a child’s room or somewhere else around the house.

Also available to purchase separately is a Diplodocus Mini Head.

Made from 100 per cent organic wool.

Easy to hang from the single fabric hook on the back.

Size: Including frill H 25cm W 30cm D 22cm (approx.)