Wilberry Dolls ~ Grace

Wilberry Dolls ~ Grace


By Wilberry

Grace is one of the prettiest angels you’ll meet and will immediately become any child’s best friend.

We all know the stars glitter brightly, and Grace is no exception – she sparkles in her gold headband, gold wings, gold strappy ballet shoes and she’s even holding a glittery gold star! With her soft body and star-print ruffled skirt, she is also snuggly when it comes to cuddles or bedtime – making her the perfect night-time companion.

Suitable from: 12 months

Size: 42cm

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Wilberry Dolls

These beautiful soft-bodied doll figurines are sure to capture any child’s heart. With beatific faces and exquisite detailing, everyone will find a Wilberry doll that will delight them.


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