By Boppi

A brand-new product for Boppi and one that’s great for encouraging STEM activities in young children, this beautiful Marble Run construction toy takes the traditional gravity-fed system and gives it a stunning ecological twist.

Instead of being made out of formed plastic, Boppi’s system is crafted from bamboo fibre, wood and 100 per cent recycled plastics – yet still includes exciting components like the spiral drop! There’s also a clever system of looped ropes which stop the marbles from escaping once they’ve completed their mazy journey from the top of the run to the very bottom.

This Boppi Marble Run is a sizeable set, comprising 138 pieces and 24 marbles. We stock other Marble Run packs so that your child can build up a big collection and create ever more elaborate constructs for the marbles to travel down!

Suitable from: 3 years +

Size: 138 pieces plus 24 marbles